‘Episode Aigis -The Answer-’ will wrap up Persona 3 Reload’s story in September

Microsoft and Atlus said today that the Expansion Pass for Persona 3 Reload will be available on March 12. The bundle will include the story’s final chapter DLC, Episode Aigis -The Answer-, which arrives in September. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can get the Expansion Pass for free with their membership.

In the original Persona 3, the epilogue was called The Answer in the English version and Episode Aegis in the Japanese version, leading to the combined title in the remake’s DLC. Like the base game, the DLC will transform the original story with “cutting-edge graphics, modernized quality-of-life features and all the upgrades that came with Persona 3 Reload.”

The DLC’s story begins in a Groundhog Day-style time loop. “After unravelling the mysteries of the Dark Hour, fighting epic battles through Tartarus, and all the unforgettable events of Persona 3 Reload, the S.E.E.S. members find themselves trapped in a never-ending March 31st,” Xbox communication manager Michael Carven wrote. You’ll play as Aigis, a human-like android with Persona-summoning abilities.

Persona 3 Reload would not be complete without Episode Aigis –The Answer-,” General Producer Kazuhisa Wada wrote. “The epilogue is sure to satisfy both those who have played the original Persona 3 FES and those who are just starting out.”

The Expansion Pass will also add new music and costumes. The updated tracks will include remixes and “fan-favorite tracks from previous Persona titles.”

Microsoft says Persona 3 Reload is developer Atlus’ fast-selling title, surpassing a million sales in its first week.

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