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The Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT)© supports AH-64 training at Fort Novosel in the Tech library and Hanchey Heliport, at three states in the Army National Guard, used daily by the New Equipment Training Team (NETT), and has FMS customers lined up beginning with the UK June 2024.

As of 10 May 2024, the illustrious 101st Air Assault Divisions Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) became the first active-duty operational unit to receive an AGT. For years, AVT Simulation has demonstrated the AGT at AAAA Summits and Fort Novosel Industry Days receiving overwhelming support and demands to acquire them.

Active-duty units have tried for years to procure the AGTs but the acquisition process delayed efforts. The 101st CAB would not take no for an answer and fought through the challenges of the acquisition process, finding a way to acquire two AGTs for their Apache units to train and increase front seat proficiency. 

“Without the resilience of CW4 RJ McCurdy and the vision of COL Clint Cody’s command team, we would not be here today,” stated Troy DeGolyer, Project Manager and AH-64 Subject Matter Expert. “The senior leadership recognized the need for a front seat trainer and fought through the acquisition challenges to provide for their Soldiers,” he continued. 

The AGT is a part task trainer cable of scored Top Gun Gunnery, Free Play, Switchology, Courseware, and more. It is easily linkable to practice communications, messaging, and remote shots. 

This desktop trainer is 50lbs including its Pelican carrying case making it easy to transport to the field or TDY location. At additional cost, your Gunnery range can be modelled to match your home station. 

Available at GSA now. Attack!

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AVT Simulation. Applied Visual Technology, Inc. has been providing engineering services that developed modeling and simulation expertise for military training since 1998. AVT specializes in making old training systems new again and making new ones for less. The founder has accumulated more than 30 years of military simulation and training expertise in aviation applications. For over 25 years, AVT Simulation has served our Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine customers with the highest quality service and solutions. Since its inception, AVT’s highly specialized staff of engineers has included some of the top leaders in the simulation industry. With an average of over 20 years of simulation experience, our dedicated team provides specialized solutions for customers with complex problems.

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